Welcome to the next chapter in exploring the northwest outdoors with Alpine Andy. After 25 years leading hikes, walks, snowshoeing and other outdoor trips for Everett Parks and Rec, they are no longer part of the picture, and I'm offering guided trips now as an independent business. This website is the one place to view and sign up for all upcoming trips. If you haven't done so already, create an account by clicking on the "Log In" in the upper right corner above (or on mobile, look just above this paragraph). This will put you in the system and keep you in touch with any general announcements or other information I need people to know.

       Note that TRIPS WILL NO LONGER DEPART FROM FOREST PARK. The meeting location now is at the Everett Station main parking lot, Park 'n' Ride Lot A, across Smith Avenue from the Station. Directions are here. Enter the north end of the lot from 32nd Street. I should be there with the van 15-20 minutes prior to trip departure time.

       Note: If you'd like to see an overview of my trip offerings in calendar form, click here  (best viewed on desktop rather than mobile).