Covid safety protocols

It's really pretty simple--  for everyone's protection, you must be vaccinated against COVID in order to ride in the van, at least until the recommendations change.  I also strongly encourage people to wear masks while riding in the van. I plan to myself.  You'll need a mask if we stop at any stores, restaurants, or restrooms, so you should have one anyway.  While we are outside, on the trail, it's not necessary to be wearing a mask.

Trip capacity will be 9 persons (10 if you count me).  My 15-passenger van allows this number to sit with separation, so that no one has to be shoulder-to-shoulder next to anyone else.

I will keep various extra supplies in the van such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and some extra masks should you forget yours.

If you feel sick or have been around infected people, you should obviously stay home.