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A simple snowshoer’s checklist



Wear to the meeting spot in the morning:

               _____    Base layers-- top and bottom

               _____    Insulating layer—lightweight pants and fleece jacket

               _____    Comfortable socks and shoes

               _____    Sunglasses are around your neck or in jacket pocket

               _____    if needed in Everett:  hat, gloves, rain parka, rain pants

                              Dress for comfort in the van—it’s often a lengthy drive, sometimes a bit cramped



In your “carry-on” bag:

               _____    Socks

               _____    Boots

               _____    Gaiters

               _____    Snacks and water

               _____    Money for pit stops

               _____    Phone

               _____    (extra clothing for after trip- optional)

               _____    if needed at trailhead:  hat, balaclava, goggles, gloves, mittens, rain parka, rain pants

Anticipate the conditions at trailhead.  Keep things with you in van that you think you’ll need right away, so you don’t have to wait until your backpack is unloaded.



In your backpack:

               _____    Lunch foods

               _____    Water

               _____    Hat, balaclava, gloves, mittens, rain parka, rain pants (unless needed at trailhead)

               _____    (Thermos)

               _____    (Sitting pad)

               _____    (First Aid, Headlamp, Toilet Paper, hand warmers)            

               _____    (other optional items?)

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