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The entire purpose of these outdoor trips I lead is for my participants to have some fun and escape the stresses of everyday life. That goal is much easier to achieve when everyone understands a few simple rules and procedures. Keep these in mind and it will be a much better experience for you and everyone else in the group.


Be on time. The departure time listed for each trip is when we plan to LEAVE, and there's generally not much of a "grace period" for late arrivals. Most people arrive 15-30 minutes before the departure time. We meet at the Everett Station Park & Ride Lots. Lot A for trips on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or holidays, and Lot B for Monday through Thursday trips when the A lot usually fills up. The Station (and bathrooms) open at 7:00am every day. Keep this in mind.


Let me know if you're not coming. Call or text (425) 314-9335.  Please don't make me wait and wonder, but remember to never text and drive!!  If you're running late, pull over and send me a quick message.


Cancellations. You can cancel from a trip by contacting me directly, either by phone, text, or email.   If you cancel more than two weeks before a trip, I'll refund your full trip fee MINUS $5.  I keep a little because I pay a small fee on every single registration.  If you cancel less than 2 weeks but more than 3 days (72 hours) before the trip departure, I'll give you 50% of your fee back.  If you cancel less than 72 hours hours before the trip, there is no refund.  If you have a special case or something, contact me and we'll work it out.


Make room for the next person if you can't go.  Some trips will have waiting lists, so if you KNOW you're going to have to cancel a trip, don't wait until the last minute to do so. Someone else may want your spot.


I RARELY cancel trips. If the weather forecast isn't looking good, or even when there is snow on the ground in Everett, I still go.  Drive carefully to Everett Station (or take a bus!), pack appropriate clothing for the conditions, and let me handle it from there.  Sometimes I may have to change the destination,  but the trip will still go.  Keep the faith-- I've seen countless times when people bailed due to weather, and it turned out better than expected, and they missed out on an excellent trip!  Never assume that a trip is being cancelled unless you hear from me.


We encourage people to show up and "fly stand by."  Many trips are full at one point, but on the day of the trip wind up having some last-minute cancellations. If there's a trip you really want to do, and it's full, you can still show up that day, and if a spot has opened up, you can go. 


Sorry, only registered participants allowed on trips. If a trip is full, I don't allow tag-alongs to follow in their own vehicles.


Cell phone usage.  This is a tough one because phone use is so ubiquitous, but please try to keep your phone and other electronic gadgetry from intruding on the experience of others. No one wants to listen to you talking on the phone when they are out enjoying a beautiful trail and listening to the sounds of nature. A phone camera or a GPS is certainly OK. While riding in the van, please keep phone calls short, and limit them to necessary calls only. If texting can accomplish something, that's the preferred way to go. 


When you arrive at Everett Station for your trip, find the van in Park & Ride Lot A or B.  Lot A is across the street (Smith Ave) from the Station, and will be used on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holiday trips. Lot B is about 2 blocks SOUTH of the Station and is the place to meet for Monday through Thursday trips. I will normally try to arrive 20 minutes before departure and will try to park in a highly visible place. Remember that the Station (and restrooms) are not open until 7:00am each day, so those may or may not be available.


Be prepared physically, have the right gear, and understand what the trip entails. Every so often, I have participants who sign up for a trip, don't give it much thought, and show up unprepared. Often they don't have a good time, and impact everybody else's experience too. If you've read this, obviously you've put some time and thought into preparing, so I thank you. This web site has everything you need to get you ready for a safe and successful trip. At a minimum, visit the "Upcoming Trips Details" page before every trip you do.


Your questions, concerns, suggestions, and comments are always welcome. Just use the contact information shown below. 


What all trip participants need to know

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