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For your safety and that of the group, you should be well prepared for your trip, and know all the material under the "Preparing for a Trip" menu button above. If you catch any errors on this page, hit the "Contact Me" menu button above and let me know so I can fix things.


Click the "I'D LIKE TO GO" button to open the on-line registration site. You will have to enter the trip barcode number there to bring up the trip and register for it. Most trips are priced in the range from about $35 - $55.


Note that I'll TRY to post info for trips at least one week in advance, but I can't guarantee it will always happen. Sometimes I'm just leading too many trips to get all this computer stuff done! I appreciate your patience.       .

Feeling those mid-winter doldrums?  Lots of fun activities going on in the next few weeks-- snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hikes, and walks. Most trips have openings, so ward off that cabin fever and join us for a nice day out in the great outdoors.  See the Parks Registration site
It's not too early to start thinking of summer hiking. A preview of my summer (May through August) schedule can be found by clicking HERE​.   Start marking your calendars now!
(Note that Overnighter to Cathedral Provincial Park has been changed to July 31- Aug. 3)

Spots Open

Tuesday, February 18  Hike - Deep Creek and Silent Creek Trails 
(where is this?)    Barcode #6052     9:00am - 3:30pm    

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  It is possible to hike a 6-mile loop around Snoqualmie Ridge that combines sections of forested trails, greenbelt walkways, city park trails, power-line corridors, and short stretches of sidewalks. Most of these should be in good condition for hiking, although I've haven't seen any reports for the forest trail section, about a 2-mile stretch between Azalea Park and Whitaker Park. It appears this section is built for biking and hiking, so I would hope those trails are fine, but there's always the possibility of wet or muddy sections and occasional downed trees, especially given our winter weather. Our elevation on the hike will vary between 400 and 900 feet. There is no snow.
OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Wear good traction hiking boots that are somewhat waterproof. Trekking poles might be useful in a few areas, although most of the trails are pretty simple. We'll walk the loop so that we are in the forested section for our lunch break. There will be "bail-out" options if you decide not to complete the entire loop. A good map, with our route highlighted, can be found here.

Make the short trip to Snoqualmie Ridge for a winter wander with us on some newly developed paths that connect to the bustling suburb. The City of Snoqualmie established these trails, which combine gentle greenbelt walking close to neighborhoods with secluded wooded trails in second-growth canyon forests. Expect impressive views of the Cascade foothills along the way. Round trip: 5-6 miles. Elevation gain: 600 feet. 


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Friday through Sunday, February 21 - 23  Snowshoeing Overnighter to Mount Hood Area  (where is this?)      Barcode #6139      6:00am Fri. -- 8:30pm Sun.    
EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  Snow depths around Mount Hood are very close to normal for this time of the year. Timberline area at 6,000 feet has about 10 feet of snow on the ground, and there's about 8 feet at Mt. Hood Meadows at just over 5,000 feet elevation. Our tours are planned for Timberline and at Trillium Lake (3600'), White River (4200'), and Mirror Lake/Tom Dick and Harry Mountain (4100'/4800'). In short, snow should be no problem. Expect the tours to be BUSY places, especially if the weather is nice. Our trip agenda and other details were previously sent out to participants. Here is that document if you need to review it.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Consult the trip details document for complete details. Remember to pack compactly, since we have limited space in the van, and the trip is full. Note that we may modify the trip agenda and rearrange the order of the snowshoe tours to take advantage of the best weather days. If any cares to research restaurant options in Sandy, Oregon for our two nights dinners, I'm certainly open to your suggestions. 

Let's take a mid-winter road trip to discover some great snowshoeing in the northern Oregon Cascades near Mount Hood. Join us for a two-night, three-day getaway to explore snowy trails near Government Camp and Timberline on the south side of the mountain. Stay in nearby Sandy, OR at the comfortable Best Western Inn. Each day features a snowshoe tour of up to 4 miles and 800 feet elevation gain. Stronger snowshoers can choose to extend some of the tours if desired. Trip fee includes double-occupancy lodging, guide, trail passes and transportation. Participants provide their own food. An extra fee is available for single lodging -- inquire at registration.


Spots Open

Wednesday, February 26  Snowshoe - Heather Meadows - Bagley Lakes  (where is this?)     Barcode #6174      7:30am - 6:00pm    
EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  The snow is deep and fresh at Heather Meadows, and the scenery can't be beat. We'll start from the ski area parking lots and loop around the meadows at about 4200 to 4500 feet in elevation. The terrain is mostly open, so the views are non-stop.
OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:   Wear good traction shoes or boots, and take trekking poles for a little extra support and balance. Remember to reserve snowshoes and poles ($8 rental fee) if you don't have your own to bring. To help everyone in prepping for the trip, consult this handy Snowshoers Checklist.
Trip canceled 2/20

Frolic in the deep, soft powder near Mount Baker. This gorgeous area usually boasts the Northwest's deepest snow pack all winter, and the scenery here in the heart of the North Cascades can't be beat. The tour of the Bagley Lakes area loops around mostly open terrain for about 2 miles, 400 feet gain. 


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Thursday, February 27  Walk- Indian Island County Park (where is this?
Barcode #6072      7:45am - 3:30pm      

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  The walking here combines a gentle inland forest trail with some beach walking. Other than the sandy and occasionally stony beach, there should be no difficulties. There was a 3" stream we had to cross last time to access the main part of the beach, so waterproof shoes will be best. Tide should be fairly low for our visit, making the beach walking easier. 

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Wear good traction shoes or boots, the more waterproof the better. We'll be heading across on the 8:50 ferry from Edmonds, and returning most likely on the 2:30 sailing. We will have lunch while on our walk, so pack food and water with you.

Explore the shore with us as we walk along the water's edge at a beautiful county park near Port Townsend. Observe the striking outlines of the madrona trees, watch for eagles and herons overhead, and catch the view of Mt. Rainier in the distance across the bay. Trip cost includes ferry fees. Round trip: 4 miles. Elevation gain: 50 feet. 


Spots Open

Saturday, February 29  Cross Country Ski- Cabin Creek (where is this?Barcode #6091    7:30am - 3:30pm    Skiers: ALWAYS bring sunglasses.

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  Conditions at Cabin Creek in mid-February were holding fairly well and grooming is being done on schedule. Assuming all goes as expected, we should have good conditions and freshly groomed trails throughout the entire trail system. The area is at about 2400 feet in elevation, and although the snow isn't terribly deep, it's fine for skiing the groomed trails.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Everyone is encouraged to ski the trails that best suit their abilities. There's a good variety of easy (The Road), intermediate (Berg & Viking Trails), and challenging (Amabilis Mountain) skiing to choose from. Remember that you need to provide your own skis, or rent from a local shop, since there's no rentals at the destination.

Recharge your spirit at this wonderful cross-country playground east of Snoqualmie Pass. The variety of scenic groomed trails has something for everyone. Glide easily down and back along "The Road" for a gentle, relaxing tour, or take to the Berg and Viking Loops for a fun workout with plenty of ups and downs. Total length and difficulty are up to you.


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Sunday, March 1  Hike - Alger Alp via Pacific Northwest Trail        (where is this?)       Barcode #6053      9:00am - 3:30pm   

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  The route to the top of this foothill mainly follows an old logging road and is a good climb but not overly steep. There could be wet or muddy sections, and possible fallen trees owing to recent winter storms. We start at about 300 feet elevation and the top is 1315 feet. There shouldn't be any snow unless we get some in the days before the trip. We'll go up and down the same way, then relocate to a trailhead nearby for a second short hike to Squires Lake. 

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:   Wear good traction boots, the more waterproof the better. Use trekking poles to help on slippery or sloppy spots. If it's snowy or icy, traction devices could be useful.

Sample a small section of the 1,200-mile Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) and hike to the top of a mini-mountain in the Cascade foothills near Bellingham. Along the way, catch views of Samish Bay, Skagit Valley, the Olympics and even Mount Baker. An extra side trip follows the short trail to Squires Lake on the other side of Alger Alp. Round trip: 6 miles. Elevation gain: 1,200 feet. 


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Thursday, March 5  Snowshoe - Mount Rainier - Paradise Area  (where is this?)   Barcode #6097        7:00am - 6:30pm     Snowshoers: ALWAYS bring sunglasses!

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  There's over 15 feet of snow on the ground at Paradise, so snowshoeing will be wonderful -- if we can get there. We'll be monitoring the landslide highway closure, and will let everyone know if the plans change.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Wear good traction shoes or boots, and take trekking poles for a little extra support and balance. Remember to reserve snowshoes and poles ($8 rental fee) if you don't have your own to bring. To help everyone in prepping for the trip, consult this handy Snowshoers Checklist.  

Don't miss the chance to world-class snowshoeing right in our backyard! On spectacular Mount Rainier, the snow piles up to 15-feet deep (or more), usually blanketing everything in sight. We'll try a pair of moderate-difficulty tours to Paradise Valley on Jan. 12 and Reflection Lake on Feb. 15. For a somewhat shorter and easier tour, choose the Paradise-area trip on March 5. Our tour around the Paradise area is about 2 miles in length, with around 300 feet elevation gain.

To see descriptions of more upcoming trips, go to the Everett Parks and Rec trips registration site:    

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