FRONT PAGE NEWS:  The informal small group outings I had hoped to plan are being canceled until further notice.


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I'm Alpine Andy, the outdoor trips leader for the Everett Parks and Recreation Department in Everett, Washington.  This site promotes and provides information for the trips I lead.  I'm busy with hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing trips throughout the year (152 outings led in 2018).  Check out the site and come join me on a trip!

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Dear Friends:
         I sincerely hope you are all healthy, and coping with the stresses of this situation as best you can.
        On March 4, the decision was made to suspend my outdoor trips with Everett Parks. Currently, all trips through April 24 are cancelled. Beyond that, it's impossible to predict when, or even IF, we will be able to resume the outdoor trips. It may be many months. This has obviously been a devastating blow for me, as I'm sure it has also saddened many of you who've come to enjoy our trips together.
        I'm proud of the special community of outdoor lovers that I've been able to bring together over the last 25 years. It would be a shame to have that wither away. Spring is here, and we all need to get some exercise and maintain our mental health, so I've decided that we all could benefit by scheduling some informal SMALL GROUP walks and hikes in the next few weeks and months. Here is what I intend to do:
        1. I will lead three or four outings a week that will be posted here on my website. These trips will not be affiliated with Everett Parks in any way-- they are informal gatherings. You will sign up using a form on the Upcoming Trips page of my website, so I can limit the number of participants who show up.
        2. People will have to drive themselves to the trip location, no van or carpool involved. Trips will be kept fairly close to home, no more than 30-40 miles from Everett, at easily-accessible trailheads. I will provide driving directions. If there is interest in hikes or walks farther away, I could occasionally do some of those also.
        3. We will practice careful social distancing while together, and take every precaution to keep it a safe environment for everyone. I pledge to be very serious about this, for everyone's protection. Note that under the Everett Mayor's Directive of 3/20/20, walking and hiking IS an allowable activity.  You don't have to stay inside 24/7.
        4. I will request a nominal donation from people who attend. Any amount you feel is appropriate. Even $5 - $10 would be greatly appreciated.
        5. This is all very experimental of course, so ANY suggestions or ideas that anyone has would be very helpful. Where would you like to go? What concerns do you have?
        These trips won't necessarily be to the top-notch, 5-star destinations, and many will be to places you may already know well, but PLEASE consider joining me and helping support me while the regular Parks trips are suspended. Also, I completely understand those who must choose to be as cautious as possible. Please do what you feel is right, and of course stay home if you feel sick at all.
Please see my upcoming trips page for more information
The informal small group outings I had hoped to plan are canceled until further notice.