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For your safety and that of the group, you should be well prepared for your trip, and know all the material under the "Preparing for a Trip" menu button above. If you catch any errors on this page, hit the "Contact Me" menu button above and let me know so I can fix things.


Click the "I'D LIKE TO GO" button to open the on-line registration site. You will have to enter the trip barcode number there to bring up the trip and register for it. Most trips are priced in the range from about $35 - $55.


Note that I'll TRY to post info for trips at least one week in advance, but I can't guarantee it will always happen. Sometimes I'm just leading too many trips to get all this computer stuff done! I appreciate your patience.       .

Looking to get out for some Fall hiking?  All trips through the end of the year are now open for sign-up on the Parks Registration site

Winter registration begins Dec. 2nd

Some trips have sections of driving on rough unpaved roads. I will try to point out when this is the case, but if nothing is mentioned, assume that the driving is mostly on good roads.


Spots Open

Saturday, November 9  Hike - Big Creek Loop   (where is this?)  
Barcode #5274      7:00am - 6:00pm   
EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  This is a well-maintained loop trail in a nice forest that varies in elevation from about 950 feet at the trailhead to about 1800 feet at it's highest point. It should be in good condition, with the possibility of some wet or muddy spots and perhaps a down tree or two. In other words, normal fall hiking conditions. There are several scenic bridges and waterfalls.
OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:   Wear good traction hiking shoes/boots for this trail, the more waterproof the better. Use trekking poles for the ups and downs and occasional rough spots. We'll be taking the Edmonds Ferry across at 7:55 in the morning, and returning on the Kingston Ferry, most likely at 4:40 or 5:30. Contact me if it's easier for you to meet us near the ferry terminal

Drop your cares and escape on a peaceful forest walk in the southern Olympics among cascading streams and towering evergreens. This relatively new trail, which was skillfully built entirely by volunteers, carves a scenic loop that's always within earshot of the tumbling waters in Big Creek and its tributaries. Registration includes ferry fees.  Round trip: 4.5 miles. Elevation gain: 900 feet.


Spots Open

Saturday, November 16 Hike - Nooksack River - Horseshoe Bend
(where is this?)     Barcode #5276   8:30am - 5:00pm   Led by Euan Robertson


EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  The Horseshoe Bend Trail along the Nooksack River just off Mount Baker Highway is a gorgeous trail that is in very good condition. It's a low elevation hike (around 1000 above sea level) that should be snow free and well maintained. If the weather is wet, some sections could be sloppy, but mostly it should be fine. The trail is fairly short, so there will be time for other adventures in the area. Silver Lake Park and Nooksack Falls are possibilities. Euan will be filling in for me on this trip, so I'm sure he'll have some fun in store for you.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:   Wear good traction hiking shoes or boots, the more waterproof the better. Trekking poles will be helpful with the occasional tricky footing or small stream crossings. 

Take a relaxing one-day getaway in Whatcom County along one of the North Cascades' grandest and wildest rivers. Also visit a delightful county park along a serene mountain lake, and marvel at the impressive ancient forests. Total hiking: 4 miles. Elevation gain: 400 feet.


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Friday, November 29  Walk - Hansville Greenway - Breakfast in Kingston   (where is this?)    Barcode #5241    7:00am - 2:00pm    

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  The Hansville Greenway Trails are well maintained and should have no difficulties. There are some minor elevation ups and downs totaling maybe 100 feet or so. We'll walk at Buck Lake County Park, and the Upper and Lower Hawks Ponds. If the weather has been wet, expect some areas to be a little wet or sloppy. Trails are near sea level and should be snow free.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Wear good traction shoes or boots, the more waterproof the better. Take trekking poles if you need a little extra support and balance. We'll be taking the ferry over to Kingston at 7:55, and stopping for breakfast in Kingston at about 8:25. Here's the info on the Farmhouse Cafe if you want to preview their breakfast menu. After the walk at Hansville, we'll return on the ferry, most likely at 1:30, putting us back at Forest Park around 2:30.

Join us for a little Black Friday exercise and discover pleasant community trails over on the quiet northern end of the Kitsap Peninsula. These serene, wetland paths offer great opportunities to observe birds and other wildlife. On the way there, we'll ferry to Kingston and stop for breakfast at the delightful Borrowed Kitchen Bakery and Farmhouse Cafe. Registration includes ferry fees. Round trip: 4 miles. Elevation gain: 100 feet. 


Spots Open

Saturday, November 30  Hike or Snowshoe - Heliotrope Ridge
(where is this?)     Barcode #5277    6:00am - 6:00pm   
EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  This trail starts from the end of Forest Road 39 outside Glacier, at an elevation of 3700 feet. It climbs through forest to treeline at about 5000 feet, and on up to the open terrain below Mount Baker's Coleman Glacier. The photo at left was taken on November 6. At that time, there was relatively little snow on the trail, and the hikers used traction devices to make it up to the treeline. Conditions will no doubt change by the date of our trip, so it's hard to know yet what exactly we'll encounter. I will post updates or contact participants in advance of the trip.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Wear good traction hiking shoes or boots, and use trekking poles. Gaiters should be worn. We'll let you know if snowshoes are needed. Traction devices will be helpful if we don't snowshoe. 

Get an early taste of winter, or catch the last gasps of fall, as we venture to the lower slopes of Mount Baker on this classic trail. Depending on the snow line, we will hike or snowshoe through forests to the meadows bordering the Coleman Glacier on Baker's northwest side. Round trip: 6 miles. Elevation gain: 1,600 feet. 


Spots Open

Thank you, Everybody!!!
Sunday, December 1 Event - Year-End Reunion & Potluck  
(where is this?)       Barcode #5290     12:00pm - 2:30pm    

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:  This is a special celebration this year. It's the 20th Annual Reunion Party, and it is going to be marking my 25th year at Everett Parks. I'd love to see all of you there! It's a free event with a potluck lunch, so just bring along a few servings of food to share. Also, please sign up so we know about how many to expect.

      I will put together a short slide show of highlights from the year's adventures, and will present mileage awards to honor all you hikers, walkers, skiers, snowshoers, and bikers who've traveled with me over the years. There will be some prizes and surprises, and also a peek at what to look forward to in 2020.

      Please plan to come if you can!!!

Celebrate another year of fun on the trails at our 20th Annual Reunion Party. Please bring a dish or dessert to share at our potluck lunch. Relive highlights of the past year’s trips and make plans for more adventures to come. All Everett Parks hikers, walkers, skiers, snowshoers and outdoors aficionados are enthusiastically welcomed! Feel free to bring your family or friends. Please register for this free event so we know how many to expect. Instructors: Andy Boos and Euan Robertson Forest Park, Lions Hall


Spots Open

Saturday, December 7  Hike - Guemes Island  (where is this?)     
Barcode #5278     9:00am - 4:30pm    

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  The trail to the highest hill on Guemes Island is just a little over a mile and climbs about 400 feet or so. It's well-built and should be in good condition, assuming it's not snowy or icy. After that short hike, we'll explore other areas on the island, and have time for a beach walk near the ferry landing before departing.
OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Wear good traction hiking shoes or boots, and use trekking poles for the ups and downs and occasional rough or slippery trail. We'll take the short ferry ride from Anacortes on the small county-run ferry, and will take the van with so we can drive on the island. A small store and restaurant is located near the ferry landing, and it should be possible to grab some food there if you're interested. We're not planning a group meal there, but if you want to get something, there should be adequate time. Look up the Guemes Island General Store for details.

Enjoy an island getaway to an off-the-beaten-path destination where you can relax away from hectic crowds. This peaceful, serene island is reached by a small county ferry that runs regularly from downtown Anacortes (no long wait!). We'll take a hilltop stroll to a terrific viewpoint and enjoy a nice beach walk. Registration includes ferry cost. Round trip: about 4 miles. Elevation gain: 400 feet.


Spots Open

Sunday, December 8  Snowshoe - Heather Meadows - Bagley Lakes   (where is this?)   Barcode #5248        7:30am - 6:00pm     

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  There should be plenty of snow at Heather Meadows by ealry December, and conditions should be fine for this trip. We'll start at the parking area next to Mount Baker Ski Area at 4250 feet and snowshoe the mostly open meadows near the Bagley Lakes, reaching a high elevation of about 4600 feet. Most of the terrain is gentle with some ups and downs. We'll make a loop route of about 2 miles on our tour around the meadows, and stay out for close to 4 hours.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Remember to reserve snowshoes ($8 rental fee) if you don't have your own to bring. Newcomers to snowshoeing are welcome on this trip. There's an intro class on December 4 that is helpful. It's not required to go, but is recommended if you haven't snowshoed before. To help everyone in prepping for the trip, consult this handy Snowshoers Checklist. Note that Heather Meadows is mostly open terrain and can be exposed to harsh weather. Good rain gear, warm mittens, full face and head protection, and goggles or other eye protection may be very important for your comfort. Make sure you study the weather forecast and are prepared for the conditions.

Frolic in the deep, soft powder near Mount Baker. This gorgeous area usually boasts the Northwest's deepest snow pack all winter. This tour will roam the lower meadows near Bagley Lakes. Round trip: 2 miles. Elevation gain: 400 feet.

To see descriptions of more upcoming trips, go to the Everett Parks and Rec trips registration site:    

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