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Click the "I'D LIKE TO GO" button to open the on-line registration site. You will have to enter the trip barcode number there to bring up the trip and register for it. Most trips are priced in the range from about $35 - $55.


Note that I'll TRY to post info for trips at least one week in advance, but I can't guarantee it will always happen. Sometimes I'm just leading too many trips to get all this computer stuff done! I appreciate your patience.       .

Feeling those mid-winter doldrums?  Lots of fun activities going on in the next few weeks-- snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hikes, and walks. Most trips have openings, so ward off that cabin fever and join us for a nice day out in the great outdoors.  See the Parks Registration site

Spots Open

Tuesday, January 28  Walk - Paradise Valley Conservation Area       (where is this?)       Barcode #6070      8:30am - 12:30pm   

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  This is a Snohomish County Parks facility with a nice trail system. This is a low elevation area around 400 feet in elevation, so snow is unlikely. The trail system is complex, so we will stay together as a group on this trip. Some sections are wet and muddy, and there's a chance we'll encounter mountain bikes, though not many are likely on a Tuesday.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:   Wear good traction boots, the more waterproof the better. Use trekking poles to help on slippery or sloppy spots.

Enjoy this wonderful 800-acre county park in south Snohomish County. Opened in 2009, it features miles of multi-use trails through forests and wetlands. It's become popular with hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians. The natural surface trails include moderate ups and downs. Participants will walk together due to the terrain. Total hiking: 3 miles. Elevation gain: 200 feet. 


Spots Open

Thursday, January 30  Snowshoe - Grace Lakes    (where is this?)      
Barcode #6099        7:30am - 3:30pm     Snowshoers: ALWAYS bring sunglasses!

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  The Grace Lakes area near Stevens Pass has over 7 feet of snow on the ground and should be in excellent condition. This is a great opportunity to tour this area because we won't have to fight the weekend crowds. Several people had to drop off the trip so there's plenty of room for you to join us!  We'll start from the ski area parking lots at about 4100 feet and snowshoe some back woods trails to the lakes at about 4600 feet or so. The scenery is gorgeous, and it should be very peaceful and uncrowded.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Wear good traction shoes or boots, and take trekking poles for a little extra support and balance. Remember to reserve snowshoes and poles ($8 rental fee) if you don't have your own to bring. To help everyone in prepping for the trip, consult this handy Snowshoers Checklist.  The tour involves about 3-4 hours out on the snow.

Make snow tracks through winter-wonderland forests and around small lakes on the powdery snow near Stevens Pass. You'll marvel at how quickly we go from the bustling, crowded ski area to serene quiet wilderness. This tour ascends to a pair of pristine lakes that are often untracked and with no other visitors around. Round trip: 3 miles. Elevation gain 600 feet. 


2 Spots Open

Experience the exhilaration of reaching the breathtaking, mile-high winter view from Hurricane Ridge near Port Angeles. This is THE place to snowshoe in the Olympic Mountains. We’ll offer two outings that each follow the ups and downs of the snow-covered roads leading out from Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center. The Feb. 1 tour on Obstruction Point Road is slightly longer and more challenging than the March 14 trip to the Hurricane Hill Trailhead. Registration includes ferry fees. The February 1st tour is about 4 miles, 800 feet elevation gain.

Saturday, February 1  Snowshoe - Hurricane Ridge - Obstruction Point Road   (where is this?)     Barcode #6100      7:00am - 7:30pm    Snowshoers: ALWAYS bring sunglasses
EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  There's over 7 feet of snow on the ground at Hurricane Ridge. After a slow start, the snow depth has caught up and surpassed the normal amount for this point in the season. That's good news for us, so conditions should be great on Obstruction Point Road. We'll drive up the road from Port Angeles to the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center, and then backtrack a short distance to the trailhead, at an elevation of about 5200 feet. The route drops at first, reaching a low point of 4800 feet before gradually rising to the turnaround point at 5100.  We mostly follow the snow-covered road with a few diversions off-road. There's a steady climb of 300 feet at the tail end of the tour.
OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:   Wear good traction shoes or boots, and take trekking poles for a little extra support and balance. Remember to reserve snowshoes and poles ($8 rental fee) if you don't have your own to bring. To help everyone in prepping for the trip, consult this handy Snowshoers ChecklistNote that this tour is at a relatively high elevation where the weather can be harsh. Study the forecast and make sure you're prepared for the conditions. Occasionally there is stormy weather that prevents the National Park Service from opening the road to Hurricane Ridge. We won't know this until the trip departs Everett and boards the ferry to head over there. If the road is closed, we'll find an alternate destination where we can snowshoe. Our plan is to be on the 7:55 ferry from Edmonds in the morning, and the 6:10 ferry from Kingston in the evening.

Wait List

Take a mini-getaway across the sound with us to enjoy a relaxing morning hike on woodsy paths to charming Port Gamble. Learn about efforts to save 3,000 acres in the recreation area from development. Enjoy lunch at the Port Gamble General Store Cafe before taking an afternoon walking history tour narrated by the trip leader. Registration includes ferry fees. Bring money for lunch. Total hiking: 4-5 miles. Elevation gain: 400 feet. 

Sunday, February 2  Hike - Port Gamble Area Trails and Lunch      (where is this?)    Barcode #6051      7:45am - 4:30pm       

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  There's a network of trails and gated roads on the property managed by Kitsap County known as the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park. Many hiking routes are possible through this "working" forest which is also under control of Pope Resources, the entity which has overseen things in this community since the 1800's. We'll hike a route of roughly 3-4 miles in the morning. Expect trails to be in generally good condition with a possibility of typical winter sloppy spots, muddy areas, or downed tree limbs. Most trails are regularly traveled so I don't expect too many major issues. Snow is unlikely at this elevation near sea level. After the morning hike, we'll head into Port Gamble for lunch, followed by an afternoon sidewalk stroll of the town and a narrated history tour.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Wear good traction hiking shoes for the morning hike, and use poles if you want a little extra support on the rougher or sloppier sections. Bring money for lunch at the Port Gamble General Store Cafe. Here is their menu. We'll hope to be on the 8:50 ferry in the morning from Edmonds, and return in the afternoon on the 3:10 or 4:00 pm ferry from Kingston.


Spots Open

Tuesday, February 4  Snowshoe - Clickety Clack Trail  (where is this?)    Barcode #6043    7:30am - 3:30pm    Snowshoers: ALWAYS bring sunglasses.

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  There's plenty of snow in the Mill Creek Valley at the Stevens Pass Nordic Center, so conditions should be great for our tour. We'll park in the center's parking lot, elevation 3000 feet or so, and follow the marked Clickety Clack Trail. The trail gets up to maybe 3300 feet, with some ups and downs along the way. We should just about have the trails to ourselves on a midweek day when few others use this area.  

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Wear good traction shoes or boots, and take trekking poles for a little extra support and balance. Remember to reserve snowshoes and poles ($8 rental fee) if you don't have your own to bring. To help everyone in prepping for the trip, consult this handy Snowshoers Checklist.

Seek out a peaceful place as we snowshoe in the Mill Creek Valley east of Stevens Pass. The Clickety Clack Trail is one of the many beautiful snowshoe trails at the Stevens Pass Nordic Center. We'll go on a mid-week day when the center is closed. There's no trail fee, but the snow and the trails are still there to use. The route is mostly fairly gentle with a few spots that have some moderate maneuvering. Round trip: 3 miles. Elevation gain: 600 feet. 


Spots Open

Saturday, February 8  Ski - Lake Wenatchee/Kahler Glen (where is this?)    Barcode #6092     8:00am - 5:00pm    

EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  When I was at Lake Wenatchee on 1/26 there was good snow coverage and the ski trails were all nicely groomed. Hopefully the weather will maintain things over the coming days, so we should have fairly good conditions.
OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  If you need to rent skis, Westra Sports in Everett is the nearest shop that can help you. There is no rental facility at Lake Wenatchee or Kahler Glen. You will have several options of areas to ski on this trip, and you can elect to stay with the group, or strike out at your own pace (we suggest being with a partner however).  The trails at Lake Wenatchee North are the easiest, with Lake Wenatchee South and Kahler Glen being next easiest, and Nason Ridge trails being the most challenging. There are different trailheads you can choose to start from, and we are happy to accommodate your preferences. Trail maps for the different areas can be found here:  Lake Wenatchee North & South UnitsKahler Glen Trails, Nason Ridge Trails.  Note that we will not be skiing at Plain Valley, which is a separate area few miles away.

Kick and glide along the shore of a big lake with majestic mountain views. Practice your techniques on the gradual hills. Rest beside the Wenatchee River and relax to the sounds of the rushing waters. Many miles of groomed trails await at Lake Wenatchee State Park and the adjoining Kahler Glen Golf Course. Plan on three to four hours of ski time. Trail length and difficulty are up to you. 


Spots Open

Sunday, February 9  Snowshoeing - V.E.S.T. (Very Easy Snowshoe Tour) to Salmon Ridge / Lunch at Chair 9   (where is this?)      Barcode #6109      8:00am -- 4:00pm     Snowshoers: ALWAYS bring sunglasses
EXPECTED CONDITIONS:  The Salmon Ridge Sno-Park sits at around the 2000-foot level on the Mount Baker Highway about 50 miles east of Bellingham. Latest reports are that the snow is holding out OK, but there's been some warmer temperatures and rain lately, so we'll hope for a return to more seasonal temps to bring more fresh snow before our trip. I'll try to put another update on here before the 9th. We'll plan to snowshoe the designated trails near the sno-park, which should all be quite gentle and with no major obstacles.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Wear good traction shoes or boots, and take trekking poles for a little extra support and balance. Remember to reserve snowshoes and poles ($8 rental fee) if you don't have your own to bring. To help everyone in prepping for the trip, consult this handy Snowshoers Checklist. Remember that the outing is relatively short, so you don't necessarily need much of a backpack. We'll wrap up the snowshoeing around noon and make the 15-minute drive to Chair 9 for lunch. Here is their on-line menu.

Take it easy on short and very gentle snowshoe walks designed for people who are apprehensive about the longer treks. If you can walk one mile on dry land, then you can do this! We'll help you put on your snowshoes and guide the way. After up to about 90 minutes on the snow, we'll return to the van and head for lunch together at a nearby restaurant. It's great for the young (age 6 and up) and the young at heart! The February 9 tour travels up the Mount Baker Highway to the gentle trails at Salmon Ridge Sno-Park along the Nooksack River.

To see descriptions of more upcoming trips, go to the Everett Parks and Rec trips registration site:    

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