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Walk 6/28 Iron Goat Trail (Lower Grade)

Tuesday, June 28, 8:00am - 2:00pm

3-5 miles, 200 feet elevation gain

Walk 6/28 Iron Goat Trail (Lower Grade)

Connect with the rich history of the Great Northern Railroad as you walk along the grade of the one-time crucial transportation route through the Cascades. Thanks to a partnership of several outdoor groups and land managers, we have a wonderful resource of great trails and historical preservation of this special area near Stevens Pass. We'll walk a barrier-free trail from the "Caboose Trailhead" off Highway 2, out-and-back along the lower grade for a nice 2-3 hour stroll. The trail is natural surface, mostly pretty smooth, and climbs at an almost-imperceptible grade.

Expected Conditions:

The Lower Grade portion of the Iron Goat is in good condition and should pose no significant obstacles. It is built to an ADA standard, meaning that it should be fairly smooth-surfaced and never steep. We start at the Iron Goat Interpretive Trailhead, right off Highway 2, elevation about 2100 feet. The Lower Grade travels westerly, and if you go 2 or 3 miles, you might climb up to 2400 feet. We'll return on the same route we went out.

Other Considerations:

Wear good traction hiking shoes or boots for this walk. Trekking poles may be taken for extra security, but many people will find them unnecessary. Bring some water and snacks, and expect that we'll take a break at our turnaround point in late morning. We'll finish just after noon.