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I need all trip participants to update and submit a Hold Harmless Form for 2024.  Click here to go to the form page.

Walk 5/23 Whitehorse Trail & Oso Slide Memorial

Thursday, May 23, 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

2 - 7 miles, minimal elevation gain.
Meet at Everett Station Park & Ride Lot --


Walk 5/23 Whitehorse Trail & Oso Slide Memorial

Come take in the beauty of Snohomish County's most scenic multi-use trail as we walk along this former rail line near Darrington. The level, crushed-gravel (and sometimes paved) surface makes it easy walking for just about anyone. We'll do a portion of this 27-mile long treasure, and will include the section near the Oso Slide, where the brand new memorial park has just opened to honor the victims and those who helped in the aftermath of the 2014 tragedy. The walk will be structured so people can do anywhere from 2 to 7 miles, and will include ample time for experiencing the memorial park. No lunch is planned, so bring snacks and water.

Expected Conditions:

The Whitehorse Trail is open and in good condition. The portion we'll be walking is mostly crushed gravel, with some portions near the Oso Memorial that are paved. There should be no obstacles or difficulties, and the trail is level. You can choose the length of your walk based on where you begin on the trail. There are a few different access points to start at, and we'll all travel eastward, aiming to finish at the Memorial Park.  

Other Considerations:

Any kind of comfortable footwear will work fine for this trail, and trekking poles are probably not necessary for most people. There's no lunch planned, so bring a little water and a snack just in case. We'll be walking from roughly 9:00 until noon, which includes roughly half an hour to stroll the grounds of the memorial and take in all the interpretive displays and artwork.

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