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Hike 10/1 Harts Pass Golden Larches

Saturday, October 1, 6:00am - 8:00pm

5-9 miles, up to 1,400 feet elevation gain

Hike 10/1 Harts Pass Golden Larches

Don't miss this special one-day journey to the "Hart" of golden larches country in the high Cascades. Enjoy a thrilling journey along the Pacific Crest Trail, occasional topping 7,000 feet in elevation, with stellar views both near and far. Hike some or all of the portion of the PCT from Harts Pass to Grasshopper Pass, and marvel at the beautiful fall colors. Please try to keep Sunday, October 2 available as a back-up date if Saturday the 1st doesn't work due to weather conditions.

Expected Conditions:

Harts Pass road has been repaired from the washouts that occured in late August. Some sections will be rough, but are passable with careful driving. There are no fires affecting the area. The trail we'll hike is part of the Pacific Crest Trail, which should be quite rocky at times, but generally in very good condition. This is HIGH country. The trail begins at 6400 feet, goes as high as 7000 feet, and is mostly is pretty open terrain with scattered trees. There could be snow, though likely not a lot. I'll update this info if conditions change. The colors should be great if all goes as expected.

Other Considerations:

This will be a long day in the van, 4 hours each way, so be preared for all that travel. I'll plan to make stops at Marblemount and Mazama on the way there. There's about 13 miles on unpaved roads each way to get to the trailhead. I've asked people to keep Sunday free in case the weather makes Saturday a bad choice. It's unlikely we'll need to switch, but I wanted to have that contingency just in case. Make sure you've looked at the weather forecast and are prepared. It likely will be cold, possibly windy, wet, or even snowy. This likely will be a full trip of 11 people. I'll use my rear storage rack for extra gear, but may need to fold up the rack for traveling the rough section of the Harts Pass Road. Just saying, it might be cramped in the back some of the time. Also, I plan to lead from the rear on this trip. The PCT is easy enough to follow to Grasshopper Pass, about 4.5 miles from the trailhead, but the nature of this hike is such that reaching the destination is not critical. The scenery along the way is the attraction, and it's great almost the whole time. People are welcome to go the full distance, but I'll stay back and accompany those wishing to take their time.