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Hike/Snowshoe 11/25 Hex Mountain

Friday, November 25, 7:00am - 6:30pm

7 miles, 2,600 feet elevation gain

Hike/Snowshoe 11/25 Hex Mountain

Black Friday "Turkey Burner." For those wanting a good workout after Thanksgiving, a hike up this 5034-foot-high peak north of Cle Elum will check that box. Following a mix of forest roads and trails up from the Cle Elum River Road, we walk through plenty of nice open forest and a bald top that provides splendid views. Depending on the snowline and amount of snow, this trip could require snowshoes.

Expected Conditions:

We drive the Salmon La Sac Road north from Roslyn for about 5 miles and park at the side of the road at about 2400 feet. The route steadily climbs, beginning on gated roads for roughly the first half, then on trail for the upper half, until reaching the summit of Hex at 5034 feet. A report from Nov. 12 mentions snow coverage of up to a foot or two, but they didn't use snowshoes. Given the likelihood of some new snow during Thanksgiving week over there, WE WILL TAKE SNOWSHOES.  The trail report mentioned quite a few blowdowns from recent storms, although these aren't likely to pose a huge problem. 

Other Considerations:

We will take snowshoes, but it's uncertain if they'll be needed on some portions, so you need to make sure you have the ability to strap the snowshoes on your pack and carry them if necessary. Carrying them in your hand is NOT a good idea. If you need snowshoes, let me know so I can bring extras for you. You will want trekking poles, and it may be wise to pack traction devices, which could be worn if the snow is packed down and snowshoes aren't quite necessary. Don't forget gaiters, and pack a headlamp just in case things run later than expected (sunset is at 4:19).