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Bike 5/26 Palouse to Cascades Trail - Easton to Thorp

Sunday, May 26, 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

15 - 30 miles, 500 foot descent.
Meet at Everett Station Park & Ride Lot --


Bike 5/26 Palouse to Cascades Trail - Easton to Thorp

Ride a one-way, gently-downhill section of the Palouse to Cascade Trail in the gorgeous Yakima River Valley from Easton to Thorp. This is a crushed-gravel surface, best for a hybrid or mountain bike. There are several trail access points along the route, allowing you to adjust the length of the ride to your liking. The spring time-frame means comfortable temperatures, a high probability of sunshine, and lots of great scenery to ride through.

Expected Conditions:

The trail is snow-free, open, and in good condition along the entire stretch from Easton to Thorp. The trail surface is crushed gravel, and is mostly OK for any but the skinny-tired road bikes. Hybrid, Touring, and Mountain bikes all do fine. The starting point in Easton is at about 2160 feet in elevation, and if you make it to Thorp, the elevation is 1650 feet. 

Other Considerations:

Remember to bring your helmet and a few tools to deal with the unexpected. Your lunch can stay in the van, but take water and snacks with you on the trail. There are several points along the trail where you'll have access to the van, but there also are significant stretches with no road access, so it's important that your bike be functioning well, and you have the ability to deal with minor repairs. Cle Elum is roughly the mid-way point of the ride, and is likely where we'll take a lunch break. There are also some campsites and picnic areas along the trail that offer outhouses and picnic tables. I'll provide maps showing some of the key landmarks along your route.

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