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Walk 9/10 BDB Breakfast/ Fed. Forest SP

4 miles, 100 feet elevation gain.

Trip description

That's BDB, as in Black Diamond Bakery. We'll drive down early, stop to have a delicious breakfast in the bakery's restaurant, and maybe pick up some goodies for later. Then, let's enjoy a beautiful (and gentle) old-growth forest walk in one of my favorite state parks, Federation Forest near Greenwater. The appeal here is the peacefulness, the ancient trees, and what it DOESN'T have-- crowds of people rushing by to gawk at Mt. Rainier. The park is on the White River, and honors the legacy of the Federation of Washington Womens' Clubs, who worked to save this land from timber interests back in the 1920's. A system of gentle trails leads through the forest and along the banks of the White River. There's also an excellent interpretive center and picnic area. It's a relaxing spot to be on a summer day when so many nearby trails are crowded and hectic.

  • 60 US dollars
  • Meet at Everett Station Park & Ride Lot A, look for large white passenger van

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Cancellation Policy

To cancel from a trip, contact Andy via email or text. Cancellations more than two weeks before a trip receive a full refund minus a $5 fee. Cancellations more than 3 days but less than 2 weeks before the trip receive a 50% refund. Sorry, no refund on cancellations 3 days or less before the trip. Some trips may be changed with short notice due to unforeseen conditions. You're encouraged to go along with the alternate plan, but are entitled to a full refund if you opt out.

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