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Hike 9/22 Cascade Pass & Sahale Arm

7 miles, 1800' gain, or up to 11 miles, 3600' gain. SIGNUP BEGINS JUNE 21

Trip description

This trip will be tailored to both tortoises and hares, as we experience the best day hike in North Cascades National Park-- and a true Northwest Classic. Mid-September is the time to witness the stunning colors of the alpine meadows here, see the first dustings of new snow on the high peaks, and maybe feast on some huckleberries as well. A well-built, well-maintained trail leads you up gradually to the historic pass in the heart of the mountain range, with soaring peaks and glaciers rising above alpine gardens and majestic forests. Make it a moderate trip at a slow pace to reach the 5400' pass (spectacular enough), or-- I won't hold you stronger folks back-- push on to higher heights on Sahale Arm up to 6000', 7000' or more (weather permitting).

  • 90 US dollars
  • Meet at Everett Station Park & Ride Lot A, look for large white passenger van

Available spots

Trip date and starting time

Cancellation Policy

To cancel from a trip, contact Andy via email or text. Cancellations more than two weeks before a trip receive a full refund minus a $5 fee. Cancellations more than 3 days but less than 2 weeks before the trip receive a 50% refund. Sorry, no refund on cancellations 3 days or less before the trip. Some trips may be changed with short notice due to unforeseen conditions. You're encouraged to go along with the alternate plan, but are entitled to a full refund if you opt out.

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