Our trips depart from...


Everett Parks and Recreation Dept.
Recreation Office

802 East Mukilteo Blvd.

Everett, WA 98203

Tel: (425) 257-8300, option 2


NOTE: Forest Park covers a fairly large area, and some mapping software may direct you to the wrong part of the park. It may be wise to print and bring these maps with you.


A more detailed map of Forest Park is below


Note that I've highlighted two locations in the park. One is the Recreation Office, where you go to check in for your trip. The other one says "Park in this lot."  This is the designated area where trip participants are asked to park. For reference, it is just to the east of, and slightly below Floral Hall 


If you prefer written out directions instead of maps, jump to the bottom of the page

Directions to Forest Park & Everett Parks Recreation Office:

From I-5 North or south-bound, take Exit 192 (41st Street). Take the off ramp to the stoplight at 41st and turn west (a left if northbound, a right if southbound). Head west of 41st and continue straight, passing through three stoplights, and then eventually curving left up a hill (41st becomes Mukilteo Blvd.). Watch for a foot bridge over Mukilteo Blvd. Very shortly beyond it you'll find the East Entrance to Forest Park (1) on the left.  Enter the park, and very shortly come to a five-point intersection (2) where you take a SLIGHT right (don't take a hard right, that's for Park vehicles only). Continue up the hill to the parking area at the top. You'll go over a speed bump (3) and should see the Recreation Office about 100 feet in front of you, on the right. If you're arriving for a trip, you should see my sign that says "Parking- Outdoor Trips & Tours Participants." Follow the arrow.  Congratulations, you made it!


From Mukilteo:  Get to Mukilteo Blvd. (5th Avenue in Mukilteo) and head east. Roughly 4 miles east of downtown Mukilteo, you should eventually pass through a stoplight at Mukilteo Blvd and Olympic Blvd/Dogwood Dr. There's a 76 gas station very prominent at this intersection. Continue east on Mukilteo Blvd another 0.4 mile and look for the West Entrance of Forest Park (A) and turn right. Drive up the hill on the park road about 1/4 mile and arrive in the parking lot, with the swim center on the right (B). Continue through the parking lot for 200 feet and you should be right in front of the Recreation Office. If you're arriving for a trip, look for my sign that says "Parking- Outdoor Trips & Tours Participants." Follow the arrow.  Congratulations, you made it!