Photos from recent trips I've led for Everett Parks and Recreation.  Photo captions are under each picture.  Navigate through the photos by clicking the arrows on the sides of the photo.  Clicking on photo will expand the size.  Enjoy!

Hike  8/31  High Rock Lookout 

The drive is relatively long, the hike is short and steep, and a lot of people decided to pass on this hike.  With only 5 sign-ups, the trip did not meet minimum and thus was officially cancelled. HOWEVER, I knew what a special spot this was, and the 5 people signed up still wanted to go, so we rented a big SUV and went anyway! After the long drive and the short, steep hike, we arrived at the top-- in a whiteout. Never fear, the clouds were slowly dissipating, and by 1:00pm or so the views of Rainier, Adams, St,Helens, and other surroundings all were revealed. The lookout here sits at the edge of a huge cliff, so it's an exhilerating place to be, but everyone was up to the challenge and it made for a very enjoyable day. Don't miss this one the next time it gets offered!

Hike  8/27  Bedal Basin 

We checked out this overlooked trail off the Mountain Loop Highway that sees very few visitors, even on a summer weekend. The trail is somewhat rough and rugged, including a rocky gully you scramble for some distance, but the effort is rewarded with some great scenery. Views of distance landmarks were limited by the smoky air today, but the basin itself, with giant boulders, the remains of an old miner's cabin, and the towering wall of Sloan Peak, proved to be a very nice spot indeed. Our hike wound up being about 6 miles with 2000 feet of gain.

Hike  8/26  Franklin Falls 

It's only about a mile or so to hike to this falls, it's an incredibly busy trail, and the falls practically sits underneath I-90, so what's so great about that? Well yes, it's not your typical wilderness experience, but it was inspiring to see a diverse array of people, young and old, getting out and enjoying a bit of our northwest outdoors. The trail passes through a nice old growth forest along the Snoqualmie River, has just enough elevation gain to give everyone a little workout, and the falls are beautiful, even in the low water-flow days of late summer. The kids in the group (including me) loved wading in the water below the falls, and somehow we managed to survive all the crowds just fine.

Hike  8/25  Sunrise Ridge, Olympics 

This was about as fine a view hike as there is, and we saw people there from literally all over the world who heartily agreed. Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center near Port Angeles, sitting a mile high in the Olympic Mountains, was our starting point. A quick glance through the parking lot at the license plates, and a sampling of the languages heard on the trail proved that folks had come from far and wide to visit this spectacular place. How lucky for us that we're only a ferry ride and a couple hours drive from this great place. We hike along the ridge for 5 miles or so round trip, enjoying nearly non-stop views along the way.

Hike  8/15  Sauk River Trail 

The gentle trail along the Sauk River south of Darrington is a pleasant hike in any season, and certainly a nice outing on a fine summer day. We hiked the entire 3 mile trail from end to end and back. Beautiful old trees, view of the river, and the omnipresent greenery were highlights of the trip.

Hike  8/13  Baker Lake East Bank 

The trail along the eastern shore of the large Baker Lake reservoir has been nicely maintained and is very enjoyable to hike. There's even a brand new foot bridge spanning the previously troublesome crossing of Anderson Creek. Skies were fairly cloudy, and a stiff breeze blew up the lake, but the hiking in the forest along the lake was quite nice. There were a couple of glimpses of Mt. Baker, just enough to convince us that it was still there. The hike was about 7 miles total.

Hike  8/12  Mirror Lake 

This is one of the many popular sub-alpine lakes in the Snoqualmie Pass region. We used the Pacific Crest Trail to access it, making about a 7-mile round trip hike. Sunny skies and pleasant temps made for a fine mid-summer's hike. 

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